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iconDecember 8, 2018
1. Introduce
Sgclix is an advertising platform that lets the advertisers from all over the world to reach thousands of potential customers. It has launched on October 13, 2018 by an experienced admin, who come from Pakistan, Saquib Ali. He is a famous person in PTC world with username SILENT786. Interestingly, Sgclix has used theme from Professional Web Designing Services, ATIBrushes which is a site of ATI Group.

Sgclix is only listed on EMS ( and got PROMISING status on NBR ( But it was received many good feedbacks from people and had more than 4.000 members within 2 months.

We encourage you to join and become the successful investor in the early time.

2. Details
- Memberships upgrade:
- Payment method: PM, Payeer.

- Autopay:

3. Strategy
You can earn with Sgclix without investments. You just login after reset time daily, view advertisements as many as possible. When your balance reach at least $1, you can rent the first 5 referrals then remember to enable AutoPay. Keep viewing advertisements daily and continue to rent referrals until you have max 100 referrals. You will take about 3-4 months to reach that goal. After that, you can withdraw money or save money to upgrade membership.

If you have capital and want to make money faster, you can upgrade membership as soon as you have a Sgclix account. The upgrade pack you choose depend on your capital but we recommend Golden pack. You should prepare about $200 to ensure the investment efficiency.

Just view advertisements and check your referral’s statistics daily. You should extend them at least 90 days more if possible and recycle referrals which do not click more than 5 days.

4. Notices
- Remember to view advertisements every day to receive referral’s commissions (at least the entire Standard ads).
- Invite as many as direct referrals to grow up your profit.
- Click Sgclix grid, do tasks/offers and take part in site’s contest if you can.
- Do not cheat!
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Last payout

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Aticlix 70%
Aticlixer 70%
Atiads 70%
Atibux 70%
Sprizads 70%
Sgclix 70%
Atishares 50%
Top View
Sprizads 269 views
Atiads 203 views
Atibux 193 views
Aticlix 167 views
Sgclix 161 views
Aticlixer 84 views
Atishares 73 views
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