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iconJuly 15, 2020
1. Introduce
Serfbux is online since July 2019 and continuously growing. Now it’s ranked 2 on EMS ( within a year and there’re many good comment from members on FoxyRating - new version of NBR (

This Russian PTC website help you to earn money by viewing advertisements or buying boxes to get passive income monthly. It’s possible to deposit by RUB but withdraw via USD, low payout, paying instantly etc. This is a good choice for earning now.

2. Earning ways
- Viewing ads with many ads and they has no limit each day (you should check it many times a day as soon as you can).

- Upgrade account via Payeer (RUB) or Perfectmoney (USD).

- Buy box for passive income monthly.

All incomes are coins with conversion rate: 600 coins = 6 rub = $0.1.

3. Strategy
I recommend you upgrade to reach maximum as soon as possible because it is decrease over time. My account was only upgrade to 1700% value while my upline had reached 4300%.

Getting free coin on "Daily bonus" every 24 hours.

Coins from boxes have limit according their level. Do not buy too many boxes and usually login to collect coins or they can be wasted. I recommend you buy 7 boxes lv1, 3 boxes lv2, 3 boxes lv3, 2 boxes lv4 and 2 boxes lv5 then they need nearly 6 hours to reach limit.

Getting referrals as much as possible is the success key.
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Scarlet-clicks 70%
Drift 70%
Ferma 70%
Serfbux 50%
Argonclick 50%
Vuexybux 50%
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Scarlet-clicks 8920 views
Drift 642 views
Ferma 494 views
Argonclick 459 views
Serfbux 434 views
Vuexybux 426 views
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