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iconJuly 16, 2020
An economic game with money withdrawal Drift
1. Introduce
Drift launched since February 2020 and it’s a promising project. Now It is appreciated in many famous forums and reviewing website (BeerMoneyForum, Trustpilot, Moniktop, etc). Especially, insurance of Drift is 50.000 RUB on

Drift has a professional design and strong development. It has reached nearly 200 thousand members and paid 30 million RUB within 5 months. What an impressing number!

2. Details
My account’s statistic:

My payouts’s history:

3. Earning ways
- Viewing ads with many ads and they has no limit each day (you should check it many times a day as soon as you can).

- Get free lottery to win RUB or Car package every 3 hours.

- Get free RUB daily on “Daily bonus”.

- Purchase taxis or carsharing for passive income monthly.

The highest car earn up to 35.5% per month.

4. Strategy
Viewing ads as much as possible many times a day.

Taking part in "Daily bonus" and “Lottery”. If you’re lucky you can get the car for free.

Buy cars in each level and accumulate until reach the highest level.

Joining Leader’s Race if you can.

Getting referrals as much as possible is the success key.
Fill in Request RCB Form to request your RCB in this project:
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Last payout

Scarlet-clicks 70%
Drift 70%
Ferma 70%
Serfbux 50%
Argonclick 50%
Vuexybux 50%
Top View
Scarlet-clicks 8944 views
Drift 721 views
Ferma 574 views
Argonclick 526 views
Serfbux 499 views
Vuexybux 491 views
Last Payment for member
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... $
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